Business Acquisition Management

Faster Acquisition Time Higher Probability of Success Fewer risk

We work with entrepreneurial businesses in the mid-market to help them assess the true commercial potential of their planned acquisition and understand how the purchase might serve their longer- term strategic goals.

Through our highly experienced team, we offer seamless access to a full range of transactional and other advisory services to ensure you get maximum value from your deals. 

Our Services

Assistance with Acquisition Search

Astute acquisitions can nourish growth, and speed transitions to new and better markets more rapidly than any other business strategy. We work with our buyer clients to identify the ideal targets, and quickly and effectively negotiate optimum business combinations.

Strategic Acquisition Planning

Successful acquisitions are the ones which still seem prudent years later. We help clients in the planning processes assess their acquisition strategy and long-term business objectives. In other cases where acquisition preferences are well established, clients use us to pre-screen the target acquisition population to evaluate market pricing. The net impact of wise acquisition planning is reduced risk and faster payback.

Back End Fee Structure

Our fees are largely contingent upon successful closure of purchase. Although we do charge a retainer, we collect for the vast majority of our effort through success fees upon closure. This substantially reduces the up-front cost and risk for our buyer clients.

Faster Acquisition Time

It takes an enormous amount of time to identify sellers, contact them, establish credibility, and convince them to seriously discuss sale. Unless you are staffed to consistently and routinely search for acquisitions it is very costly to competently and professionally man such efforts. We reduce that time and minimize related costs.

Improved Probability of Success

We know how to target a search for maximum success potential, and we know where and how to go about finding the sellers who truly fit your search parameters. We provide a buffer in negotiating with sellers which smooths the process, improves the odds for success, and enhances the buyer/seller relationship. 

We help our clients to:

  • Prepare acquisition based on their required criteria
  • Identify potential targets
  • Meet with potential sellers
  • Prepare acquisition proposals
  • Put necessary data together and prepare a valuation of the target company.
  • Negotiate and manage the transaction
  • Finalize the transaction

Strategic growth decision making

Our aquisition advisory team – based in Europe, and Asia – is composed of international professionals who combine investment banking experience with industry expertise in the sectors where we are active.

We can help to improve your business processes, implement new business strategies, divest non-core businesses, and design new capital structures.

To find out more about how the team can support your strategic growth decision-making, contact the global head of Macro Global Business.