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International Trade

With our network of associates in different countries, we are able to handle any kind of assignment given to us for completing the end-to-end solution relating to cross-border trade.

Sales & Marketting

Macro Global Business offers strategic sales and marketing management consulting to companies for the successful development of their businesses.

Business Acquisition

We work closely with our buyer clients to carefully identify the ideal targets, and quickly and effectively negotiate optimum business acquisitions on behalf of them.

About Macro Global

Macro Global is a team of industry-leading specialists hand-picked from across the globe. We’ve been serving our partners from our offices in Europe, and Asia. Despite our compact size, we’ve helped some of the world’s best-known brands during our 10+ years of marketing experiences.

Macro Global Business is an independent full-service agency that comes up with innovative solutions that add value and propel growth to organizations. We integrate multiple tactics to attract new purchasers and grow loyalty among current customers.

Our team’s power lies in our diversity and deep expertise in both business consulting as well as Import-Export activities. Each of us comes with an impressive background in sales and marketing as well as business growth. We encompass a wide variety of lifestyles and cultural backgrounds, which enables us to bring unique perspectives to every new project. We believe that when you bring together people with unique backgrounds who are strategic, talented, open-minded, and naturally curious, great things can come from that combination.

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We develop the relationships that underpin the next phase in your organization’s growth. We do this by helping our clients step forward and achieve their goals in international markets.

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We are an independent full-service agency which comes up with innovative solutions that add value and propel growth to organizations.

We use all possible resources to get you the most accurate, dependable project information available by taking help of Superior Data, Strong partnership, Quality People and Problem Solving Techniques

At Macro Global, our vision is to help our clients create communications and solve complex international trading & business management problems.

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Macro Global Business is an independent full-service agency which comes up with innovative solutions that add value and propel growth to organizations.

We provide innovative international trading, Sourcing, sales, and business management services to our clients in Europe and Middle East to help them grow their businesses.

In this context, our approach is to take care of the interests of our customers and manufacturing companies which we consider them as our business partners by providing the highest quality, service and products besides catching our own growth targets.

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Founder & CEO​

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Middle East Business Manager​

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