Sales & Marketing

Macro Global offers sales and marketing management consulting to companies for the successful development of their business.

We offer individualized advice and consulting for business owners. Based on our unique 12 years of sales experience, we can ensure the fastest possible sales revenue and successful business development strategy in global export markets for your company by using different and proven marketing and sales strategies.


Outsourced Sales Management

Macro Global specializes in outsourced sales management. We can provide your business with professional Sales Management supports to improve the performance of your sales team and increase sales and efficiency. We tailor our services to suit the individual needs of your business and integrate seamlessly into your organization.

Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research

To boost profitability and make the most of existing market opportunities, it becomes imperative for companies to unfold the real power market research. For over 12 years, our qualitative and quantitative market research solutions have helped businesses to boost their profitability by augmenting sales and targeting the right audience.

Outsourced Marketing Agency

Macro Global serves as a premier outsourced marketing agency. We provide ongoing Marketing advice and support by taking the role of an outsourced Marketing Manager and being responsible for the successful delivery of your Marketing program. We can provide a complete marketing department for your business or work with an existing team.

We help you with

Sales Growth

With deep experience across many industries, we know that barriers to sales growth are often more than just sales management issues. At Macro Global we will work with you and your leadership team to overcome the issues preventing expansion and help you design a roadmap for sustainable growth.

Risk Management

Our team of experts will help to identify potential risks, examine your operational policies and procedures, and suggest ways to better protect your organization, ensuring every day is business as usual.

New Market Entry

The decision to expand into a new market must be made only after weighing up opportunities against obstacles. Our consulting teams help clients systematically analyze market sizes, infrastructure, barriers, and trends in foreign markets and evaluate the potential future demand for their products or services.

Product marketing

Our product marketing services bring together competitive research and analysis to help you define your voice in the market and build a product roadmap that takes you to market faster than ever.